Beyond Control and Chaos

Carissa says her husband, Colin, is controlling and abusive to her and her teen daughter. Can this couple save their one-year marriage? And, Joe struggles to find closure on his anger and pain after a childhood accident killed his father and sister and left him permanently paralyzed.

Healing Forty Years of Anger and Pain

Dr. Mancini


Dr. DeFazio
Dr. Fabrizio Mancini has been pivotal in transforming people’s lives. He’s an internationally-acclaimed inspirational speaker, an author, educator and philanthropist and is the president of Parker University in Dallas, Texas. He’s dedicated his life to making sure everyone lives up to their greatest potential. His groundbreaking new book is The Power of Self-Healing: Unlock Your Natural Healing Potential in 21 Days.
Dr. Phil explains that he met Dr. Fabrizio 14 years ago for chiropractic help.

Dr. Mancini explains the three parts to self-healing.

Dr. Phil introduces Dr. Patrick DeFazio, who he sees now for chiropractic  care. 

Dr. DeFazio says, “From a chiropractic perspective, we look at the body as a whole, and we work to allow the body to restore itself to normal function. So, what we do is help the body to release its own innate power to heal itself.”
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