Beyond Control and Chaos

Carissa says her husband, Colin, is controlling and abusive to her and her teen daughter. Can this couple save their one-year marriage? And, Joe struggles to find closure on his anger and pain after a childhood accident killed his father and sister and left him permanently paralyzed.

Worth Fighting For?


“I’ve had three abortions,” Carissa reveals. “The first abortion I had was because we found out the baby had a rare form of Spina bifida. The second time I became pregnant, my husband was very angry with me. He told me, if I were to continue the pregnancy and have the child, he would leave me. I couldn’t believe that my husband could treat me this way. The third time I became pregnant, Colin told me to do whatever I wanted, but there was a threatening undertone. I felt like I did not have a choice. I had to have an abortion.”

“My wife can’t get over the past. What can I do about it?” Colin asks. “I do remember telling her that ‘If you want to move forward and have the baby, that’s your decision to make, but I won’t be here to support it.’”

“It was very hard to go through the abortion process and watch the life inside of you die, something that you were happy about that you had to give up,” Carissa says, growing tearful. “He should’ve loved me enough to have a baby with me and not force me to terminate the pregnancy.”

“She feels that I was the controlling force, and it was my way or the highway, but it wasn’t true,” Colin says. “It may have been true for the second abortion, and maybe for the third abortion, but for the fourth one, I did leave it up to her.”
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