Overly-Competitve Parents

We all want our children to succeed and to be the best — but at what cost? Former two-sport professional athlete Deion Sanders joins Dr. Phil to take overly-competitive sports moms and dads to task! Can they help these parents strike a balance?

Taking the Bull by the Horns

Tina and Curtis


Sister, Maddy, and Mason
Curtis says that he’s determined to help his 9-year-old son, Mason, achieve his dream of becoming a professional bull rider.

Watch Curtis’ determination in action! Plus, hear from Mason and his sisters.

Curtis and his wife, Tina, join Dr. Phil and Deion. They say it's Mason's passion to compete at bull riding, not theirs. “He never stops talking about it, and he’s intent on winning,” Curtis says of Mason. “And when he loses, he has the worst attitude that you’ve ever seen. It’s embarrassing.”

Deion says that when he met the family on his show, he discovered that Mason was not being properly disciplined. “He’s holding you hostage because you want to win,” Deion tells Curtis. “You want those standings more than you want him to be disciplined.” Deion explains that, even as a star football player, he was forced to sit out a game by his coach when he acted out. That discipline, he says, has made that coach a lifelong friend.

Dr. Phil speaks to Mason, who confesses that he often has explosive temper tantrums and throws his gear when he loses.

Turning again to Cutis and Tina, Dr. Phil says, “The job of a parent is to prepare your child for the next level of life. You have to prepare him to be a gracious loser and gracious winner.”

Deion says that he knows many athletes who are good players — and good sports.

Tina and Curtis admit they understand good sportsmanship, but shy away from fighting with Mason.

“But you’re going to want to fight that battle now,” Dr. Phil tells Curtis, encouraging him not to wait until Mason is older and potentially more dangerous with his temper.