Open Marriage

Is the secret to a happy marriage having an open marriage? Carl and Kenya have been married for 17 years and share three beautiful children. They also have multiple lovers and believe monogamy leads to failure. Tune in and decide for yourself: Is open marriage the answer to ending infidelity and divorce, or does it lead to the ending of a marriage?

How Will Their Lifestyle Affect the Kids?



In a previous interview, the couple explains how they share everything with their three kids, ages 8, 11 and 13:

“The children have a lot of questions about sex and relationships, so we never shut them down about these questions,” Carl explains. “If you don’t tell children the truth and deal with their reality, like as their hormones start to change and whatever, then they’re going to lose faith in you as a source of information, a source of truthfulness — which is why a lot of children move away from their parents as they get older and don’t consult them, or don’t talk to them about what’s going on in their life. So, we share everything with our children.”

“We’re willing to talk to them about porn. I’ve watched porn with my daughter,” Kenya says. “I’ve helped them understand what this is, how it is just one part of sex; there is so much more. Sex is so juicy, and delicious and wonderful. I don’t scare my children about sex and tell them, ‘Oh, there’s just dangers of sex.’ I would never do that. I told my daughter that sex for her is going to be luscious. She’s going to enjoy every second of it. And I help them understand that masturbation is normal, touching yourself is normal; your body is beautiful, you are normal. If you have sexual desires, that is normal. My children have condoms. If they bring boyfriends home or girlfriends, they are totally welcome to be in our house. We don’t have a closed door idea about sex and sensuality. We think that is the most detrimental thing that you can do to a child.”

Back onstage, Joann tells the couple, “I want the best for you and Carl, but I want the best for those children, and I’m concerned.”

Dr. Phil explains his concerns.

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