Psychic Investigations

World-renowned intuitive mediums John Edward and Char Margolis team up on Dr. Phil’s stage and pull back the curtain to the other side! Can they help audience members connect with their loved ones? And, will a skeptical Dr. Phil become a believer after his first-ever psychic reading?

A Skeptical Staffer

Tami Frymark

Tami and her father

Dr. Phil shows video of a reading between one of his Senior Segment Producers, Tami Frymark, and John:

“Were you hoping to hear about Dad today?” John asks Tami, and she says yes. “Did he pass by his own birthday, or did he pass by something that we would celebrate?” John asks.
“He passed on Veteran’s Day,” Tami responds.
“Your dad is the one with the cancer, right?” John asks, and Tami says yes. “He wants me to make sure I let you know that he’s OK,” John says. “Has he been gone for a while?” John asks.
Tami says her father passed away when she was 6 years old.
“Is your husband older than you?” John asks, and Tami says yes. John explains that Tami’s father wants him to tease her about being with an older man. John then asks Tami what ties she has to Texas.
Surprised, she reveals that she’s preparing to move to Texas. Following the reading, Tami says, “A skeptic walked in, and a believer walked out.”
Back onstage, Tami admits that the reading had a huge impact on her. “I slept last night like I haven’t slept in years,” she tells John, thanking him.
“Did I just hear you say you’re moving to Texas?” Dr. Phil playfully asks Tami.
“Yeah, John outed me,” Tami responds.