Smart People, Bad Choices

Ex-spouses Jennifer and Phil have been at war since their divorce five years ago, and their children are caught on the battleground. Dr. Phil doesn’t mince words when he tells them the mistakes they’re making. Plus, learn the five keys to breaking any bad habit!

Smart Thinking and Breaking Bad Habits



“Why did you write this book?” Dr. Phil asks Dr. Markman.

“If you think about it, most of us are asked to think for a living," Dr. Markman says. “Unfortunately, we don’t teach people all that much about the way that their minds work. And so the idea is, the more you know about the way your mind works, the more effective you can be in thinking.”

Dr. Markman goes over his three-part formula for smart thinking.

Read more about Dr. Markman's three-part formula to Smart Thinking on Dr. Phil's blog, Turning Point.
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