Second Chances

Have you ever dreamt of getting a second chance in life? Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter was just 12 years old when he shot to worldwide fame, but behind the bright lights, he says he was rapidly spiraling out of control. Nick opens up to Dr. Phil about the life-threatening medical diagnosis that finally forced him to transform his life. And, learn of a chance encounter between two unlikely friends that changed both of their lives forever.

Nick Carter Unplugged


Nick says he was only 11 years old when he heard of the Backstreet Boys casting call. He was offered a role on the Mickey Mouse Club while auditioning for the pop group but turned it down.

Dr. Phil switches gears and asks Nick about his home life. "People are really curious about you," Dr. Phil says. “What was it like growing up in your family?”

“It was chaotic,” Nick says, without hesitation. “It was not healthy. There was a lot of fighting between my mother and my father. We saw that fighting all the time." He says his home was constantly filled with yelling, and many times, his parents would make the children chose between them.

That rocky home life, coupled with his new-found fame, provided a fertile ground to experiment with alcohol, marijuana, ecstasy and cocaine, Nick says. “The question I had to eventually ask was, ‘Is that me?’ I said no, and I didn’t want to do it anymore.” Although he partied while on tour, he says he never  was high or drunk while he performed. “I enjoy being on stage, and it’s all about finding other highs to replace that high. When I was on stage, maybe I didn’t need it."

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