A Mother's Struggles



Lauren, who was 15 when she had a stroke, is now 18. She has a message about her mom:

“My mom is pretty amazing,” Lauren says in a video interview. “When I had my stroke, and I was in the hospital, my mom was always there for me. My mom worries about just putting food on the table, helping us pay the rent and pay the heat. I decided to get my mom a North Face coat from the flee market because it was all I could afford. She never had a coat to wear, and it’s getting cold out. She feels like she’s not worthy. She shouldn’t blame herself or feel guilty. I just want her to be happy.”

Tears pour down Debbie’s face after hearing her daughter’s words. “It breaks my heart,” she says. “At 18 years old, she shouldn’t have to worry about putting a coat on my back. It should be the other way around.”

“It sounds to me like she’s a whole lot more focused on having you around than what you can give or provide for her. Doesn’t sound to me like she takes much for granted; that she just wants her mother,” Dr. Phil says.


“What scares you the most?”

“That we’re going to end up homeless, that I won’t be able to feed my kids. We’re headed there now,” Debbie says.
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