Heaviest Woman on Record

Pauline weighs nearly 700 pounds and is the Guinness World Record holder for heaviest living woman. She says she dreams of a better life for herself and her son, but is she ready to take back control?

The Woman Behind the Title



“I am currently the Guinness World record holder of heaviest living woman,” says Pauline. “The last time I weighed myself was probably about four months ago, and I weighed 660. My heaviest has been 711.”

She says her son, Dillon, is her caretaker. “My son does everything for me,” Pauline explains. “I will stay in my bed all day if Dillon were not here, only because I can’t lift my legs — they’re pretty heavy. Getting dressed is difficult. Dillon helps me get dressed every time. I can’t even put my own underwear on because I can’t bend over to step my feet into them. It is hard to shower. Half the time I end up washing my hair in the kitchen sink.”

“I’m addicted to food … I’m a compulsive over eater."

“Sometimes I wish my addiction was drugs or alcohol because then at least I could quit it cold turkey. Food you can’t quit cold-turkey because you have to eat to live. My worst nightmare would be immobility for sure — being stuck in bed or having to use a bed pan. I don’t even want to think about where I could be in five years if I don’t lose the weight … I don’t know why I did this to myself.”

It took an ambulance, a second support vehicle and a five-man crew to help her make the 400-mile trip to the Dr. Phil studio.

Follow Pauline on her trip to the Dr. Phil show.

“Tell me what you’re thinking and feeling right now,” Dr. Phil says to Pauline.

“I’m just really emotional after I hear the tape and stuff. You know, that’s me,” she says of the video footage from her pre-show interview. “That’s my life story.”

Pauline confides that she’s embarrassed to see how food has taken over her life. She admits that she gained weight deliberately to win Guinness’ heaviest woman title, and to “shame herself” into losing weight.
“I figured if someone could see this title, they would see me, and it would be out on the Internet,” she says. “I’d be really embarrassed, but at least someone could see my story, and maybe help me.”
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