Penn State Scandal: Parents Beware

Dr. Phil delves into the child molestation scandal that has rocked Penn State and taken down top school officials and coaches, including legendary head football coach Joe Paterno. What do eyewitnesses say they saw? And were crimes covered up?

Survivors Speak Out



Dr. Phil goes over the five stages of grooming by a pedophile.

Jim says he knows firsthand what happens because he was abused for five years by his basketball coach. Jim joins the show via phone.

Jim shares how he became a victim.
Dr. Fradkin thanks Jim for speaking out and being a role model for all survivors.

Learn more about the impact of child sexual abuse on victims.

Dr. Fradkin urges sexual abuse victims to reach out for help. He tells parents to have an ongoing dialogue with their children about how they can turn to them for help if someone ever makes them feel uncomfortable or concerned.

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