Penn State Scandal: Parents Beware

Dr. Phil delves into the child molestation scandal that has rocked Penn State and taken down top school officials and coaches, including legendary head football coach Joe Paterno. What do eyewitnesses say they saw? And were crimes covered up?

Survivors Speak Out


Matt joins the conversation via Polycom. He tells Dr. Phil, “What I noticed in the summers we had camps and even during the regular season is that there would be a lot of kids around him. He was like the Pied Piper, and I felt, due to my own background, that the boundaries that you would normally maintain between you and a child weren’t always maintained between Jerry and these kids. He would tickle and pinch them, and sort of put them in a headlock. You know, it looked like it was playful, and I think he said the other night, ‘I’m just a big kid.’ I always was under great awareness that proper boundaries must be maintained. The only time I would ever put my hands on a player was just to demonstrate some sort of technique.”

Matt explains that he’s a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. When his mother became ill and his family was in turmoil, a neighbor feigned support and interest and took advantage of him. Matt says he’s done a lot of work to heal his past, and when he read the grand jury report and all the allegations against Sandusky, it triggered him as a survivor and brought all the painful memories back.

Matt encourages victims of sexual abuse to reach out for help.

Dr. Fradkin says the good news is men like Matt are speaking out and sharing with other victims that there is help out there.

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