Dr. Phil Family: Alexandra's Admissions

It's been six months since Dr. Phil's last meeting with 23-year-old Alexandra — is she finally ready to tell the truth? From years of lying to failing to disclose drug use to doctors during her pregnancy and her battle to regain custody of her children, the troubled mom has had a rollercoaster experience with Dr. Phil. Now hear her shocking admissions! Is she still using drugs? Does she speak with her family? Just how far back do the lies go? Catch up on the absolute latest!

A Fight for Baby Anthony



Jim Werter
Erin says she has raised Alexandra’s third child, baby Anthony, since he was born addicted to drugs. Recently, she was awarded full custody. Alexandra’s two other children are also in Erin and Marty’s care. Erin says it’s been 10 months since the children last saw Alexandra.

“Where is Tony in this mix?” Dr. Phil asks Erin about Alexandra’s ex, and the father of baby Anthony.

Erin says that she believes that Alexandra and Tony have split up for good.

Dr. Phil asks Erin’s attorney, Jim Werter, what possibility lies in Alexandra being forced to get help in order to regain custody of her children.

“If she goes down the rabbit hole a little bit further … then we can re-file a Marchman Act,” Jim says. “The other alternative is that she gets picked up on a felony drug charge and she goes to drug court. That’s another way that she can be forced to confront her issues.”

Dr. Phil lists Alexandra’s past boyfriends, all of who have a long criminal record. “But now she has a new boyfriend, right?” he asks Erin.

“Yes; It’s Tony’s cousin, Howard,” Erin says. “And his babies' mommas all have restraining orders against him.”

“How many children does he have?” Dr. Phil asks.

“I think there are five,” she answers. “But there could be more.”

Does Alexandra want her kids back? One slip could be telling. Plus, Erin learns a shocking detail that leaves her speechless.

“My mom is just another figure in my life.”