Monster In-Laws

A blissful husband, a beautiful wife — but will a “monster in-law” ruin their happily ever after? Dr. Phil helps a newlywed couple overcome an intense family feud.

A Mother's Love?




Newlyweds Steve and Fallon recently walked the aisle, but are embroiled in an intense family feud with Fallon’s mother, Khalood. The mom says she hates her son-in-law.

“What is your agenda?” Dr. Phil asks Khalood. “What is it that you’re so fired up about?”

“I think he’s a dumbass. He’s a loser. He doesn’t have a job,” she says of Steve. “My daughter deserves better. Why should she be the breadwinner? She wears the pants in the family. She does the finances — she does everything. A man is supposed to do that — not my daughter.”

“Then you shouldn’t marry him,” Dr. Phil says. The audience applauds.

“No — I’m glad I didn’t marry him, and I don’t call him my son-in-law. You guys don’t even know. Everybody’s clapping but they don’t know the story. You’re not living in my shoes,” Khalood says to the audience.

“Do you have daughters, Dr. Phil?” she asks.

“I’ll ask the questions,” he replies.

Khalood criticizes Steve’s job as a paramedic firefighter and says that he should become a nurse to better support Fallon. Steve brings up the point that when Khalood married, she didn’t work full time. “But what’s your point? You’re still a loser!” she shouts back.

The two bicker as Dr. Phil turns to Fallon and asks, “Why did you choose to marry him?”

“I decided to marry him because he’s my best friend,” she says.

“We’ve been together for more than five years, and he understands me, he respects me, he takes care of me in ways I don’t think she completely understands. It’s not about the money. I personally don’t— "

“I can’t wait for you to have kids one day!” Khalood interrupts.

“Mom, let me finish,” Fallon continues. “I personally don’t like to do the cooking or the cleaning and the laundry. He does that, and maybe it’s more of a role reversal, but it works for us, and we’re each other’s best friend … I am so happy with my life. I love him to death.”
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