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"Me, Me, Me": Selfish People

Dr. Phil speaks with Tiffany and Mindy, sisters who say they haven’t been able to come to terms with their mother’s selfish behavior. Will Phyllis own her parenting mistakes and apologize?

Still Selfish after all These Years?



Mindy says Phyllis has always been jealous of her and her siblings.


Even as adults, Mindy says her mother is jealous of her children. "She thinks we're being mean to her, when she should feel pretty lucky we even want to include her in our lives," Mindy says. She retells the story of her own wedding, when her mother arrived dressed in an off-white dress. "Who does that?" she asks in frustration.

"My mother only calls me when she needs something," Tiffany says. She adds her mother recently called to request $11 she felt she was owed, saying "I wouldn't ask for it if I didn't need it." She says she became angered, telling her mother, "If you're hurting that bad for $11, why don't you sell that BMW you have?" Tiffany says her mother has told her that she's written letters to her daughters and plans to give them to the women only after she dies. "I'll burn it," Tiffany says. "It's her way of having the last word."

Dr. Phil drills down on Phyllis for wearing a white dress to her daughter's wedding.

"It was off-white," she corrects him. "I didn't know it was a problem!"

"Even I know that's a cardinal rule," Dr. Phil says.

Phyllis fights to hold her position, now to Mindy. "I didn't know off-white was considered white. I didn't want to hurt you!"

"Maybe you didn't mean to hurt us," Mindy says. "But, it hurt us deeply, even to this day." She tells Dr, Phil, "I want her to accept responsibility for the way she treated us."

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