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"Me, Me, Me": Selfish People

Dr. Phil speaks with Tiffany and Mindy, sisters who say they haven’t been able to come to terms with their mother’s selfish behavior. Will Phyllis own her parenting mistakes and apologize?

Me, Me, Me, Me Mother




Tiffany, 38, and Mindy, 44, say their mother, Phyllis, 68, is the most selfish person on the face of the earth. They say that their entire childhood was affected by her self-absorbed behavior.

Phyllis' children lash out against her.


Phyllis insists her daughters have it wrong, and that she was, in fact, a great mother. She says the girls wanted to live with their father after the divorce, and it was there that they were brainwashed against her. "It was devastating. I was completely cut off," Phyllis says. She explains that, while unfortunately timed, the court ordered her to remove items from the home she shared with the children's father the weekend of Mindy's graduation. "It made me look like I did something on purpose," she says. "I don't care what anyone thinks, I was a good mom. No, I wasn't a good mom, I was a great mom."

"Why do you suppose she would [ruin your childhood]?" Dr. Phil asks Tiffany and Mindy.

"I don't know," Mindy answers. "That's why we're here."

Dr. Phil questions the vast disparity in perception and asks Phyllis why, if she believes she is a great mother, the children believe different.

"It all started years ago with their dad and myself. They were teenagers when they went through the divorce, and it was very painful. They switched sides before it was final," Phyllis explains.

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