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Secrets Gone Wrong

Dr. Phil speaks to families dealing with the aftermath of secrets revealed. He reaches out to a teen struggling to deal with guilt and loss, and a family torn apart after the father confesses the secret he’s kept for years.

In Mourning



Patty and Miles

Dr. Phil also recommends that Miranda take a break from her mother. "I think you two on one level have a wonderful relationship, and I want to preserve that long-term. You're labeled in your community, and you're starting to label yourself in that way, and I want that to change," he says.

Dr. Phil introduces Patty Evans from the Aspen Education Group. He recommends Miranda consider the opportunity to go to Copper Canyon Academy, a therapeutic boarding school for girls in Arizona. It is a fully accredited college preparatory academic program, which helps students emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Miranda says it's a lot to think about but agrees "it's an option."

Dr. Phil introduces Miles Adcox, CEO of Onsite, providers of intensive therapeutic and personal growth workshops. Dr. Phil recommends Deborah participate in workshops customized for what she's going through: guilt, grief and parenting struggles.

Deborah nods.

Dr. Phil makes it clear to Miranda that she can make her own decision, and if she chooses not to attend Copper Canyon Academy, he'll make resources available to help her in her hometown. "It's not OK where it is. You've got to get closure on some of these things, and don't let this define the rest of your life," he says.


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