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Accused of the Unthinkable, Part 2

Dr. Phil continues his work with a family ripped apart by accusations of child molestation. Melody accuses her son-in-law, Jason, of the unthinkable crime. Will Jason’s polygraph test results prove his innocence? Plus, an update on hot sauce mom Jessica!

Deceptive or Not Deceptive?




After the last show, Jason is taken backstage with polygraph examiner Jack Trimarco. Jason says, "I'm about to take the polygraph test, and I feel very strongly that I will pass it."

"Jason will be 100 percent cleared. He'll come out on top," Karen says of her husband. "When Jason is cleared, I want to tell my mother to leave us alone " forever."

Dr. Phil sits back down with the family. He has not seen the results of the polygraph test and gets right down to business. He opens a large envelope and says, "The first question was, ‘Have you ever touched your daughter for sexual purposes?' And your answer was?"

"Never. No," Jason says.

"And the results of the test are that there was no deception," Dr. Phil reveals. "The second question, which was a control question, was, ‘Have you ever touched your daughter for sexual purposes since she was born?' And your answer was?"

"No," Jason says.

"And the result is no deception," Dr. Phil says.

Jason, Karen and Karen's sister, Natasha, look satisfied.

"What did you want to say?" Dr. Phil asks Jason.

He speaks directly to his mother-in-law. "Leave us alone. Stop," he says, growing emotional. "We've been through enough. I don't want my kids taken away. They need us."

Melody says, "I am sorry, but I believe my granddaughter. She said what she said. I'm thankful, Jason, that those results came out the way that they did."

"Do you accept this as valid?" Dr. Phil asks her.

"Of course," she says.

"You don't continue to harbor suspicions that he is molesting your granddaughter?"

"I will no longer, but I did until now," she says.

"At this point, in terms of targeting this man, I think you have now one, two, three CPS investigations, two hospital examinations and now a polygraph by the most respected polygraph operator in the country that says this man has not been inappropriate with his daughter," Dr. Phil says.

Melody says she believes the results. 

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