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Ted Williams: The Update, Part 2

Ted Williams, the homeless man with the golden voice, told Dr. Phil that he was making good progress in rehab. How will his sobriety affect his relationship with his girlfriend, Kathy, an admitted user? Will she agree to get clean?

Cleaning Up Her Life?



On yesterday's show, Ted Williams revealed that he was progressing nicely in rehab. But the family of the former homeless man feared that his progress would be sabotaged by Kathy, his girlfriend of more than 15 years. Dr. Phil warned him to rid his environment of toxic influences. "I am concerned what kind of world he's going to go back into," Dr. Phil muses.
Kathy admits that she's a crack addict who also battles an alcohol addiction. "If he comes back in to that environment " it's toxic and dangerous. I believe she needs to be in treatment while he's in treatment, or we're setting him up for failure," Dr. Phil says.
Ted, who is undergoing drug and alcohol rehabilitation at Origins Drug and Alcohol Recovery Centers, joins the show via telephone. Kathy walks out onstage and takes a seat next to his ex-wife, Patti, and daughter, Julia.
Addressing Kathy, Dr. Phil says, "You've said [that] drugs, and alcohol and living on the street are not good, but you are fully willing to go back to that lifestyle completely, if that's what it takes to be with Ted."
"I did say that," Kathy admits. "Certainly, I hope it wouldn't go back to that, but I was [expressing] the desperate feeling I felt."
"Do you support Ted's efforts to get clean and sober?" Dr. Phil asks.
While Kathy says she does, Dr. Phil wants her to also understand in the process of rehabilitation, a person changes. "If he comes out clean and sober " and you're not " then that means that you are a toxic influence in his life," he points out. 
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