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Reality TV Stars' Real Life Drama

Are fights on reality TV shows real? Stars from Survivor, America's Next Top Model, Amazing Race and even the 1960's show, The Monkees, answer that question for you!

The Model and the Villain


"You see reality stars fight a lot on TV, because people like to see that conflict, but the truth is, they are real people, and it doesn't stop when the cameras turn off," Dr. Phil says. One very good example of this is Jonny Fairplay from Survivor, who married America's Next Top Model contestant, Michelle Deighton. They say their arguments are tearing them apart. They fight about everything from which radio station to listen to in the car, to who's doing the cleaning around the house.

"It's all about you " cheers to the Jonny Fairplay show," Michelle says, sarcastically.

"Michelle and I fight everyday," Jonny says.

"We don't have conversations, and when we do, they don't stay calm very long," Michelle says. "The tone he uses is like he's talking down. I hate it."

Jonny says at 36 years old, he's experienced life. He says many of their arguments start because he's only trying to help his younger, less experienced wife.

"I'm a 24-year-old woman that can live her own life " and am not going to accept being treated less than what I deserve," she says in response. 

"Are you [two] the Bickersons?" Dr. Phil asks.

Michelle says she feels as if she has two children " a 3-year-old and a 15-year-old, referring to her toddler daughter and Jonny.

In response, Jonny says he fulfills his commitments, but leaves room to have fun. "I'm a great 36-year-old guy. I'm Jonny Fairplay!" he says. "I think I'm a nice guy. I do play a villain on television, but in real life, I think I'm a pretty nice guy and a lot of fun to be around."
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