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From Homeless to Hollywood

Dr. Phil sits down with Ted Williams, a homeless man with a smooth announcing voice, to talk about the challenges of sudden fame, and the life-long journey that brought him there.

Digging Deeper into a Dark Past

Dr. Phil sits down with Ted for a heart-to-heart chat in The Dr. Phil House.
"What are you most worried about? What do you think your biggest obstacles are?" Dr. Phil asks Ted.
Ted shares that even though he is an overnight sensation, he still struggles with being homeless. "I'm feeling like once all this hoopla has died down, I want an apartment. I want a place to call my own, a kitchen that I can cook in and a bed I can sleep in and call my own," he replies. He tells Dr. Phil that he is now the official voice of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and was offered jobs with MSNBC and with the Cleveland Cavaliers, but he wants to take his time fielding offers. "I'm hoping so much that there's one job that I can go back to my family and say, ‘Hey, this is the job I want to take.'"
"It's all coming at you really fast, at this point," Dr. Phil sympathizes. He plays a video montage for Ted of the media frenzy surrounding him in the past several weeks. "What's your reaction to all that now, as you sit here and look at it?
Choked up, Ted answers, "It's like, why me? Lord, I didn't do anything super deserving of it."
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