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Violent Kids

Imagine living in constant fear that you will be attacked –- or even killed –- by your own child. Dr. Phil, along with Dr. Alan Kazdin, talks to parents who say they’re desperate for help with their aggressive child.

Afraid of His Rages


Scott and Carolin give a shocking glimpse into Nathanael's rages.
Noticing that both parents are weeping when the video ends, Dr. Phil says, "That's very difficult to watch, true?"
"It is," Carolin replies. "It's scary, but that's our life every day. I don't know what else to do."
"It tears me up inside," Scott adds, struggling to speak. "As a parent, as a father, I'm to protect my family, but I never dreamed I'd be protecting my family from my own son. I don't know what to do sometimes."
Dr. Phil notes that the couple has four other children in the home. "You're concerned about the siblings," he notes.
"Yes," Scott replies.
On videotape, Scott reveals that Child Protective Services recently visited the home. "That's your worse fear as a parent," he says. "Once they realized that we had a plan in place, they backed off, but they did ask us several times if the other children have a safe place to go. That's when we decided to remove the other three from the home, because we didn't want them taken."
"We sent them to my brother's to be safe," Carolin adds. "We have to protect them from their brother. We love being a family, but all of that has been taken away."
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