Time to Man Up?



Dr. Phil again clarifies that everyone is on the same page with making tough choices and enduring personal financial sacrifices in order to make the vasectomy reversal possible.

"You're going to hold his feet to the fire and then you're going to marry him," Dr. Phil says. He continues, "I'm going to make it possible for you."

Dr. Phil introduces urologist Aaron Spitz, M.D. and explains he spoke to the couple long and hard and made certain they were willing to make the sacrifice on their own. Dr. Spitz joins the show via Polycom, and lets Eric and Sarah know he will perform the vasectomy reversal free of charge.

"Eric, it looks like you have a bridge out, and I can fix that bridge," Dr. Spitz says.

Dr. Phil says the Specialty Surgical Center of Irvine, along with Dr. Spitz, are waiving all fees, including anesthesia, for Eric's procedure.

"They will tie it up and put a bow on it for you," Dr. Phil says.

What was once more extensive, is now an outpatient surgery where the patient may leave the same day. The surgery is done under general anesthesia, but a lot of local anesthesia is applied to minimize pain.

"You won't be as bow-legged as Dr. Phil arrived home," Dr. Spitz says.

Dr. Phil wishes the couple luck and asks them to keep him posted after the procedure.

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