Remembering Tyler Clementi



"I'm standing in the cold rain near the George Washington Bridge, just days after 18-year-old Tyler Clementi, a Rutgers University freshman, tragically jumped to his death," says Dr. Phil. "So the issue here is: Is this a prank that was intended to be harmless, or something much, much deeper that involved homophobia? Imagine this young man's last 24 hours as he saw what had been posted on the Internet, people telling him about it, and those last moments spent on this bridge thinking, there's no other way. There's nowhere to turn. Bottom line, another tragic death from bullying."
While in New York, Dr. Phil had the opportunity to speak with Blake, a 27-year-old man who says Tyler reached out to him to during the time he was struggling with his sexuality.
"What do you think as you look at this?" Dr. Phil says, gesturing to the overcast New York skyline. The George Washington Bridge looms in the distance.
"Just looking at it, it creates a whole new sense of reality. It's frightening," Blake admits.
"Tell us how you knew Tyler."
"Tyler actually found me through Facebook. I ran a couple of support groups, and he e-mailed me a very simple question: 'How did you go through your situation in college?' Blake answers, acknowledging that he is an out gay man.
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