The Great Beauty Debate



Dr. Phil explains that PI, otherwise known as the golden ratio, is a mathematical equation Renaissance artists used to create works of beauty.
He introduces Dr. Steven Marquardt, a maxillofacial surgeon, who says he's able to calculate beauty. "The healthier you are, generally the more attractive face and body you have. The reason we've evolved to like that is because people who hooked up with healthy people historically evolved, or survived, to a higher rate than those who hooked up with unattractive people."
Dr. Phil turns to a staff member, Tami. "Do you think you're reasonably attractive?" he asks her.
"I've done OK for myself," Tami replies with a laugh.
Dr. Phil displays an image of Tami's face, that is mapped out based on the golden ratio. Dr. Marquardt expounds: "The colored part of her eyes, the irises, are really perfect, which is really unusual. The lips " you can see it looks like the mask was drawn around her lips. Because she's very attractive, she has really close eyes. It looks like the nose is right there where it should be. The lips are beautiful."
"Mathematically, you're pretty cute," Dr. Phil tells Tami.
How does Dr. Phil measure up?
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