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P.I. Moms

On the outside, these women look like any other PTA moms, but behind their exteriors, they are gun-packing private eyes! Dr. Phil speaks with female private investigators and the man who hires them.

Never a Dull Moment




Chris says women make great P.I.s because they're great multi-taskers. He tells Dr. Phil, "I started hiring just men, initially, and the thing that I was finding was with these testosterone-laden investigators, there was a lot of competition between them, and oftentimes that would impact the investigation. When I switched to women, specifically P.I. moms, there was more of a team mentality, more nurturing, more caring, and that translated directly into happier clients."

"How much of this is just part of the fact that women are really nosey?" Dr. Phil asks. "There is a natural inquisitiveness with you guys, right?"

"Yes. It's also intuition," Michelle says.

"Do you guys get scared in doing any of these things?" he asks.

"Sometimes," Michelle says.

"Do y'all worry about the fact that you are moms, and you're doing what can be a very dangerous situation?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I think that we are cross-trained in everything, and one of our assets in being a mom is that we are multi-taskers, and we always have our head above water," Charmagne says, "so when we get into a situation we feel is a little precarious, we abandon that situation. And we always have our backs. Somebody always is with us."

Chris says there is a lot of training involved before the women are put on a case. He explains there is a six-month probationary period when they have to be trained and evaluated, and not many of them make it.

Dr. Phil points out that there is a wide-range of cases they may work on, including undercover stings, cases involving infidelity, narcotics and pedophiles. The women say the work is never dull.


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