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P.I. Moms

On the outside, these women look like any other PTA moms, but behind their exteriors, they are gun-packing private eyes! Dr. Phil speaks with female private investigators and the man who hires them.

Never a Dull Moment




Charmagne is married with two kids. She's trained in jujitsu and firearms. "I have been a P.I. for just about a year and a half now. It is exciting and challenging," she says.

Michelle is separated with two kids. She's trained in undercover operations. "I can improvise my way into and out of any given situation," she says.

Denise is married with three kids and trained in surveillance and fraud. "Ever since I was a little kid, I was always spying and searching for things," she says.

Chris Butler, the owner of Butler & Associates Private Investigations, is a licensed P.I. and former SWAT officer who hires and trains the P.I. moms. "It is not common to have moms in this business," he says. "There's no alpha dog mentality like there would be if I had several male investigators. These moms, they all work together, they all help each other."

"You have to be smart, and you have to understand the law. You have to make sure that you're safe," Michelle says. "We're all cross-trained. We're all incredibly versatile."

"There is no typical day, being a P.I. mom," Denise says. "We can do anything from surveillance to searching out a witness."

"Stings are very complicated, but it's a thrill," Charmagne says. "Nobody is going to suspect the mom sitting, having coffee with another friend, who happens to be an investigator. So, I have quite an advantage, while I have eyes on my subject right behind me."

"These women are moms. They come into this field prepped for the type of work that they're going to be encountering," Chris says. "They're very good listeners. They're probably more sensitive to people lying to them."

"There's nothing that I can't hold my own with," Denise says. "You learn new martial-arts skills, learn how to carry firearms."

"We're cross-trained in undercover operatives, so if we're doing a covert operation, we don't want to be seen. You're not going to see us," Charmagne explains. "My schedule is pretty flexible, but there are those times when I get a phone call."

"I'll be taking care of the kids while working on a case at home," Denise says. "Recently, I was working on a pedophile sting, so I was chatting online with pedophiles, while I was cooking dinner and changing diapers. So, I didn't miss a beat for either work or home."

"This line of work is never dull," Michelle says.

"Especially when we're bringing down the bad guys, like a pedophile," Denise says.

In the back of a vehicle, Charmagne reports, "It's a good case. We busted the guy. We caught him, and now I've got to go to my son's baseball game. I'm late " again."

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