"She’s Not Going to Be Able to Control Herself or Her Mouth"



"What have you said to [Tony] about his relationship with your mother?" Dr. Phil asks Alex.


"That it hurts me that they can't be civil with each other, and I wish that they would," she says. 


"Have you talked to him about his role in this? Because you said your mother was crude, had a big mouth, was selfish, made it all about her and created drama. What's the Tony version of that? What do you say to him?" Dr. Phil probes.


"I didn't call my mom selfish. I didn't want her to make it about her," Alex clarifies. 


"That seems to be synonymous to me, but OK. I'm glad you know that," Dr. Phil says. "What has been your criticism of him?"


"I've said, 'When my mom says stuff to you, you just need to ignore it and not respond to her,'" Alex says. 


Dr. Phil reminds Alex, "On the last show, Tony told Erin to shut the bleep up. I, personally, would have a hard time with anybody talking to my mother that way."


"I heard what my mom had said, and I'm sorry, but I couldn't take somebody talking to me like that either," Alex says.  


Dr. Phil asks Alex if her mom will have a role in the new baby's life.


"I don't know," she says, explaining that she asked her mother if she wanted to feel the baby move, and Erin just stuck her hand out and didn't say anything. "So, I don't know what she wants." She wipes away tears.


"So she's not really sharing in this experience with you. She's not excited with you or for you in any way that you feel a sense of camaraderie here," Dr. Phil says.


Alex agrees. 

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