"She’s Not Going to Be Able to Control Herself or Her Mouth"




"I don't want Leilah exposed to Tony at all, and there's a chance Leilah could be living with them, and that's very scary," Erin says on video. "DCF has to go in and do a home study, where they watch Alexandra and Tony and make a determination if it's a healthy environment for the children. All I can do is hope that Tony's true character is revealed in some manner, and they determine that he's not an appropriate choice. I'm very scared. I don't want Tony in the house. I don't even want him around me. I think he is pure evil."


In studio, Dr. Phil asks Alexandra about the status of her pregnancy.


Alex shares that she's due July 3 or 4, but she thinks she will deliver the baby early. She gives an update on her condition. "It's been a little difficult. I'll get sick a couple of days out of the week. It's just been something that I've been dealing with and taking medication for, but overall, it's been OK," she says. "Everybody keeps telling me how small I am, but the doctor says that everything is OK, and the baby is measuring where it's supposed to be."


"But you're not trying to stay small?" Dr. Phil asks. 


"No," Alex replies. "I eat."


Dr. Phil asks Alex who is going to be in the delivery room with her, and she becomes emotional as she talks about delivering her new baby.
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