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A Predator Next Door

How would you feel if a sexual offender moved in next door to you? Can these predators be rehabilitated, or will they always re-offend? Dr. Phil answers these questions, and he talks to a convicted child molester sitting in his audience.

Keeping Your Children Safe

Dr. Lareau

"One of the things I've been hearing from the audience, and I hear from a lot of people, is, ‘Isn't there a way that we as a society can take these guys, put them on an island and throw away the key?'" Lisa says. "If that's what we decide to do, on McNeil Island, for example, it costs $160,000 per resident per year to do that. Are we willing to change the laws and pay the price for keeping them away from society? I think a lot of us would say yes."
"Dr. Lareau, I guess what we're saying here is there is an ongoing danger with people that have a pattern of sexual abuse and being a predator," Dr. Phil says. "We're talking about whether these people should be housed on an island. Should they be identified by some tattoo or identifying mark? Should they be made to register? Your point is that this doesn't represent 10 percent of the predators that are out there."
"That's absolutely true," Dr. Lareau responds. "The data that we have, given the number of sex offenses that have occurred before someone is brought into criminal justice involvement, show us that the vast majority of sex offenders are still out there. They haven't been identified by the criminal justice system."
"What do you say to Barry and Susan when they have someone moving in next door whom they believe to be high risk?" Dr. Phil inquires.
"Unfortunately, there will be sex offenders who are living next to many of us. What we need to do is, of course, when we can identify them, we need to teach our kids, ‘You see this person? When you see them, you run.'"
Barry and Susan tell Dr. Phil the changes they'd like to see. "I want the bureaucracy to stop pointing fingers at each other. Every time we talk to an agency, it's somebody else's job, it's somebody else's fault. We have no control."
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