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Discipline Dangers

Are today’s kids being disciplined too harshly in school? Along with attorney and author Areva Martin, Dr. Phil examines the use of restraints in the classroom. Plus, how do you choose the best treatment for a special needs child?

Concerned for Her Autistic Child



"You two are clearly at odds about this," Dr. Phil says to the couple. He turns to Jessica, "Your point is if you have to choose between doing what you need to do for your son and your marriage, you're going to choose your son."
"Of course," she replies.
"If Kevin takes the position that this is a radical and unnecessary approach and move, then you're out?"
"It hurts to hear that," Kevin tells Dr. Phil. "There's more than just Aiden to think about. We also have a daughter. Just the way the job market is now, and the way things are, you risk it. I know Aiden needs services. I know he won't be able to function … without these services."
"How do you feel about what he's saying?" Dr. Phil asks Jessica.
"When you have a special-needs child, or a sick child, you start to triage," she replies. "I understand that there are other issues. But right now, Aiden is the one who needs the most [care], so I think he should receive the most attention."
"There's good news and bad news here. The bad news is that the divorce rate for parents in your situation is 85 to 90 percent," Dr. Phil informs the couple. "That's clearly a risk here."
"I just think there's other options than dropping everything we have an moving to an area that has services for Aiden," Kevin says.
"The good news is it doesn't have to be either/or," Dr. Phil says.
Areva shares her personal challenges of dealing with an autistic son.
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