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Discipline Dangers

Are today’s kids being disciplined too harshly in school? Along with attorney and author Areva Martin, Dr. Phil examines the use of restraints in the classroom. Plus, how do you choose the best treatment for a special needs child?

Concerned for Her Autistic Child



"My son, Aiden, was diagnosed with autism when he was 2-and-1/2-years old," says Jessica. 
"We fight quite often about it," says her husband, Kevin. "Jessica wants to move to where there are services for Aiden. I don't think I'm willing to make that big of a move."
"There's nothing I wouldn't do to help my child. I'm ready to sell our house, cars, to have him receive the services he needs. Kevin is afraid of moving," Jessica says.
Kevin explains why he's reluctant to make major changes. "Right now, I have a really safe job," he says. "If I were to go somewhere else and lose a job, we could pretty much lose everything."
"Sometimes, I think that I should just take the kids and go. Kevin says that if I move with the kids, he will file for divorce and fight me for custody," Jessica says. Choking back tears, she says, "I cannot look back and think I should have done more for my son. I can't live thinking I didn't fight enough. I'm Aiden's mother. If I don't fight for him, who will?"
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