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Multiple Problems

We all go through challenges, but happens when your problems only seem to multiply? Muyassar is a single mom who says that her kids are harassed at school because of their Muslim faith.

Victims of Bias?



Muyassar joins the show with three of her quadruplets: Luz, Salam and Mohammad. Turning to Muyassar, Dr. Phil says, "Your other son, Shawki, is not here because he is currently incarcerated, right?"
Muyassar nods. "He's spending 120 days in juvenile hall," she replies.
"You believe that it is unfair that he is in juvenile hall right now," Dr. Phil notes.
"The treatment that my son has been getting is totally unfair," she answers. "There were a lot of incidents that happened in school, and none of them were handled the way that my son's case has been handled by school officials. It's been really handled differently."
Dr. Phil gestures to Muyassar's children. "Have the three of you felt like you've been picked on and bullied in school? Is it an isolated thing, or does it happen a lot?"
"When I'll walk into a class, and I'll sit down, there are some kids in there, and they'll be like, ‘Hey, what's a terrorist doing in here?'" Mohammad responds.
"You feel that there's been uneven justice here?" Dr. Phil asks Muyassar.
"Yes, I do," she replies.
"That there have been other cases similar to this that have not been processed in this way," Dr. Phil clarifies.
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