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Multiple Problems

We all go through challenges, but happens when your problems only seem to multiply? Muyassar is a single mom who says that her kids are harassed at school because of their Muslim faith.

Victims of Bias?


Salam, Mohammad and Luz
"In this town, people look at us as terrorists. My children Mohammad, Salam, Luz and Shawki have been bullied through elementary school all the way to high school," says Muyassar, a single mom of six.
"I brought cupcakes to my fourth grade class, and a student told me, ‘Is there anthrax in those cupcakes?'" recalls Mohammad, 17.
"When my son, Mohammad, was in seventh grade, he was jumped by seven students. The kids who beat up my son were suspended for a few days. After September 11, the name-calling and the bullying, it started increasing. Since my son is named Mohammad Ali, he was called ‘Mohamed Atta,' as one of the hijackers in 9/11."
"People keep telling me, ‘It's your fault all these many people died. It's your fault," says Salam.
Muyassar's son, Shawki, was recently involved in a school fight that made headlines. "What happened to my son, Shawki, was the result of boys bullying him," she says.
"When Shawki was approached, he was surrounded by eight, nine football players," his sister, Luz, elaborates. "He was scared. He felt threatened, so he threw the first punch, and it just escalated."
"The police had told me that my son caused the other student great bodily injuries by knocking out three teeth and giving him a broken nose," Muyassar reveals. "After the mother pressed charges, the police came and handcuffed my son and took him. The charges were assault with a deadly weapon and causing great bodily injuries. The deadly weapon that my son used was his fists."
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