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Bullied to Death

Dr. Phil examines the tragic suicide of 15-year-old Phoebe Prince after allegedly being bullied for months by fellow classmates. How many more young people have to suffer in silence at the hands of bullies?

The Tragedy of Phoebe Prince




District Attorney Elizabeth Schiebel announced that nine students have been indicted in what is described as a months-long campaign of bullying that allegedly led to 15-year-old Phoebe Prince's death. Reports say the teen, who recently relocated to Massachusetts from Ireland, was subjected to an especially torturous day of verbal harassment and physical abuse in front of students and faculty at South Hadley High School before she hanged herself in the stairwell of her home. Prosecutors say the harassment of Phoebe was common knowledge among students who, along with some teachers and Phoebe's mom, had brought it to the attention of school officials.

In a news interview, South Hadley School Superintendent Gus Sayer says Phoebe's bullying was not widely known by his staff.

Sadly, the harassment of Phoebe didn't stop after her death. There was even a Facebook page titled We Murdered Phoebe Prince, where disturbing comments continued to mock the teenager. Even friends of Phoebe wanted to speak on her behalf, but were too afraid to do so because of the backlash from the bullies.

Educator and author of The Bully, the Bullied and the Bystander, Barbara Coloroso, joins Dr. Phil.

Hear about Barbara's visits to Phoebe's school and what concerns her.


Barbara clarifies that some teachers did report the bullying of Phoebe. "They did what they were supposed to do. Many of those teachers are deeply caring," she says. "Bullying does happen under the radar, but I've got to tell you, once it's happened, and I know about it, parents ought to know about it, and something visible needs to happen to that child. I promise you, Dr. Phil, had it been stopped right away, two things for sure: One kid would not be dead, and nine kids would not be facing criminal charges, because it didn't start criminally."

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