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What's Wrong with People?

Dr. Phil and HLN’s Nancy Grace dissect recent headlines that they believe demonstrate how the system has failed. How could a doctor allegedly molest 103 children over a 10-year period with no one seeing the warning signs?

Delaware Doctor


"I've only got one word, Dr. Phil: Freak!" Nancy says. She explains that Bradley's defense attorney is going to argue mental insanity.

"Dr. Phil, there were warning signs," Nancy says. "Red flags were flying! He was investigated back in 2005 and 2008. A colleague referred to him as a pedophile. [The investigations] were for excessive kissing and improper vaginal examinations on little girls. Even with all of that, nobody brought charges! It didn't even go to the medical board, Dr. Phil."

"When we go to a doctor who has a license from the state to practice medicine, you assume that that's an endorsement, that somebody has checked this person out, that there's a gatekeeper," Dr. Phil says.

Dr. Phil examines the system failures in this story:

  • 1994: Pennsylvania Medical Licensing Board investigates sexual misconduct " Board did not prosecute
  • 1995: Second investigation by Pennsylvania Medical Licensing Board " Board did not prosecute
  • 2005: Delaware police conduct criminal investigation for excessive kissing
  • According to witnesses, a fellow pediatrician tells police: Patients complain of long vaginal exams, calls Dr. Bradley pedophile to colleagues
  • Another pediatrician tells police: Bradley likes to take pictures of patients, patients complain of long vaginal exams
  • Nurse colleague tells police: Bradley videotapes kids in plays, enjoys photography
  • Office manager (reportedly Bradley's sister) tells police: Patient complains of inappropriate touching
  • Bradley took medication home " possibly bipolar
  • Uncle was convicted of pedophilia-related charges in 1991
  • Alleges child pornography in father's home in 1965
  • Attorney General's office did not prosecute
  • Hospital didn't turn over records because matter was dropped
  • Hospital claims no knowledge of any issues requiring reporting Dr. Bradley to Medical Board, but hospital restricts Bradley to work under chaperone for one month
  • 2008: Three parents tell Delaware police of inappropriate vaginal exams
  • Judge refused to sign search warrant for Bradley's office
  • Result: No charges " Continued practicing medicine until arrested December 2009

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