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Surrogate Mom Faces Her Critics

Surrogate mom Shelly Baker returns to Dr. Phil’s stage to face her critics and set the record straight about her controversial decision to keep the twins she carried for intended parents, Scott and Amy Kehoe.

Debating the Issue

Dr. Phil introduces Bill Handel, attorney and director of the Center for Surrogate Parenting, Inc., one of the largest and oldest agencies of its kind. "What went wrong here?" Dr. Phil asks.
"You can't do it in Michigan, because no matter what we talk about, Shelly has the absolute right to say no, these are her children," Bill replies. He says that the Kehoes also took a risk by soliciting a surrogate online. "No psychological counseling, screening, monitoring, all the misunderstandings that happen. I can see that Shelly is upset with lack of disclosure and a background. That all would have been [resolved] with a psychological screening and monitoring early on." 
"Do you, in your opinion believe, given the fact pattern as you now know it, a California court would have allowed these children to be taken away from the Kehoes?" Dr. Phil probes.
"Shelly would have had no rights to those children at all. As a matter of law, in California, with a signed contract where intent is clear, the court has no choice but to say the Kehoes are the parents of these children," Bill states.
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