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Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alexandra's Resentment

Dr. Phil sits down with Alex and warns her about moving forward with a new man. And, in an emotional conversation, Alex shares why she believes her mother resents her. Plus, Erin reveals a secret she's been hiding.

Pain from the Past


"What do you want?" Dr. Phil asks Erin.
"I want to move to Arizona, work in a convenience store and do my photography," she says, with tears welled in her eyes. "That way, nobody will bother me anymore, and I won't upset anybody else."
"Why is that hard to say?" Dr. Phil probes. "Why is it hard for you to talk about your feelings?"
"Because I don't want to abandon people for me," she says. "My mother abandoned me for herself … When Alexandra does that, it's like that wound that's never really healed gets peeled back open, and now Alexandra is suffering some of the anger that I feel with my mom."
"What are you feeling right now?" Dr. Phil asks.
"I'm terrified that Alexandra and Katherine won't want me in their lives," she says.
"That's what you're thinking," Dr. Phil says. "What are you feeling?"
"I feel sad. I feel hurt," she says. "I feel hurt because I want to move on with my life, and I want to be me, Erin … I guess I want to start taking care of Erin, and I feel like I can't do that because I have to worry about Alexandra, and Katherine, and Leilah and Nathan â€" something really bad is going to happen to them " and I'm hurt, because Alexandra can't seem to see that about me."
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