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Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alexandra's Resentment

Dr. Phil sits down with Alex and warns her about moving forward with a new man. And, in an emotional conversation, Alex shares why she believes her mother resents her. Plus, Erin reveals a secret she's been hiding.

Pain from the Past



Erin says that she wants to ensure her daughters don't make the same mistakes she's made in her life. "I don't know how to tell her that," she says.

"How about just telling her?" Dr. Phil asks. "If there's unfinished emotional business, finish it, get it over with, start fresh. If you want to be a healthy woman, you've got to take care of yourself before you can take care of anybody else."

"That doesn't happen," Erin says.


"We don't' need martyrs, we need mothers," Dr. Phil says. He asks her why she doesn't take care of herself.

"Because everybody else comes first, and they have important needs. I'm here to help them do better in life," she says.

"The most powerful role model in this girl's life is her mother," Dr. Phil tells Erin. "What do you model if you model martyrdom, if you model suffering, if you model putting yourself last? And then you wonder why they settle for less than quality."

"I never thought of it like that," Erin says, adding that she wanted to be opposite of her mother.

"Did you mother scream and yell?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Oh, yes," Erin replies.


"You go from psych speak to raving, yelling, screaming upset. True?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Yes," Erin confirms. She explains that her mother left their family when she was 10, and she wanted to be opposite of that, but in being there for her children, she sacrificed everything about herself. "All I wanted for them to do was appreciate the things I've done for them, and I feel like they don't appreciate anything I've done for them."

Dr. Phil mentions that although Erin was there for Alexandra through many of her difficulties, Alex says she wasn't there during important times as well.

"Now what?" Erin asks. "I don't know how to change any of that."

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