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Hurtful Lies and Shattered Trust

Do you ever lie? Dr. Phil gets to the bottom of why people tell tales and explains why you may lie and how to put an end to the falsehoods. Plus, find out how to change your relationship with a liar.

Why We Lie



Dr. Phil catches Robin in a lie!


Dr. Phil asks Dr. Feldman, "Why do you say that there are no innocent lies? I agree with you, by the way. I'm just curious why you say that."


"Because every lie has a cost, even if we are telling what seems to be a totally harmless lie. We know we're telling that lie, and it causes a kind of smudge on the relationship," he explains.


"I agree. It's part of your character. You know you're lying, and that's why I say that's a lie to yourself, as well as somebody else," Dr. Phil says. "Help the men here. How do you respond to the question from your wife: 'Do these jeans make me look fat?' Because you say there are no good lies, but there's also no point sticking your head in a wood chipper."


"There are ways to do it that are nice. I mean, you can say, 'It's a nice style, but you have a bunch of other jeans that look a lot better on you.'"


"Oh, no! No, no," Dr. Phil says jokingly. "Have you met Robin?"


"That would not work," Robin laughs.


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