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How Do You Define a Modern Family?

In the 1950’s, the ideal family consisted of a mother, father, two kids and a white picket fence. But the traditional family unit has evolved with extended families, single parents, gay parents, adoption and no children.

Childless and Happy



"Who was the driver in this?" Dr. Phil asks the couple, referring to their decision to remain childless.
"I think I was the one to initially bring it up," Rachael responds. "It was interesting, because we moved out to a house in the suburbs of Denver thinking that we were going to raise a family, thinking that we were going to have children. As we saw friends and family begin to have families, we began to just think about it, weigh the pros and cons, and realize that that's maybe not for us."
"You don't want to trade your lifestyle," Dr. Phil surmises.
"Partly, but I think we don't have that initial burning desire [to be parents]," Rachael replies.
Dr. Phil turns to Aaron's mother, Michele, in the audience. "What do you think about this?" he inquires. "Because you were thinking about being a grandma and all of that, correct?"
"Oh, I was thinking about it, I was dreaming about it, I was talking about it, I was shopping for it. It was happening!" Michele declares.
"You want them to change their mind?" Dr. Phil asks.
"I want you to change their mind!" Michelle replies with a laugh.
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