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Anti-Social Networking

Dr. Phil examines the new wave of communication! Is your family so “wired” that you find out dinner is ready via a text message? Do you know what you post online could be used as evidence against you in a divorce?

Divorce Don'ts




Technology is not just affecting families at home; even divorce lawyers are using it " as evidence. Attorney Scott Trout, managing partner for Cordell & Cordell, P.C., joins the show.

"Going on the Internet and finding evidence against an adversary in litigation is kind of becoming normal practice, right?" Dr. Phil asks Scott.

"It is. It's become a treasure-trove of information now," Scott says.

Dr. Phil surmises that they look for things that could compromise what a person says in court. So, if a lawyer is representing the wife in a divorce, they will look up the husband on the Internet and see what they can dig up.

"It's the things that you wouldn't expect to be a problem [that] are a problem," Scott says.

Dr. Phil shows a photo of a Porsche, and Scott says that could be used as evidence against someone. "When he says, ‘I can't pay child support or alimony,' and he buys a Porsche, we've got a problem."

In another photo, a girl takes a swig from a bottle of booze. "If you take this photo, and it's a custody issue, I'd blow this up in front of the judge and say we've got an issue here as well. If mom is at home with custody of the kids, and here she is partying or serving alcohol, it's a big, big issue," Scott says.

Dr. Phil implores parents to talk to their kids about what they post online. "With the Internet, nothing is private," he says. Your child could be sabotaging his/her future by posting photos of themselves having fun because college and job recruiters investigate online as well.


Scott shares his Divorce Don'ts while online.