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Parents' Biggest Fears

If you could customize your perfect child, would you? What about choosing your child’s sex, eye color, height or IQ? Plus, a deserving family with a sick child gets a house call from Dr. Phil and his wife, Robin.

A Call for Prayers




Aaron and Holly recently added a new member to the family: a dog named Patrick. Dr. Phil commends the couple for getting a puppy for Kate when the timing probably couldn't be any worse. Holly says the dog motivates Kate and gives her happiness and energy.

"We know that stress and anxiety is the antithesis to immune health. We know that it depletes, so to give her too much information, to cause any stress or anxiety in her is counter-productive," Dr. Phil says. He also doesn't want them to overindulge their daughter. "Even at 5 years old, kids are very, very perceptive. That's why I always tell parents with a sick child " and the more sick, the more important it is " that they maintain routine and sameness with that child." 

He asks, "As far as Will and Olivia are concerned, how do you think they're doing with all of this?"

"Olivia is very emotional," Holly explains, with tears in her eyes. "She cries a lot, but we're very thankful that she verbalizes a lot, and she writes a lot, so she'll tell us, ‘I don't feel loved today. I feel that Kate's getting all the attention.' So, I'm glad she's not stuffing it, and she's telling us, and then she'll write. She'll write little stories about her and Kate, and how hard it was for her when Kate went to the hospital. So, I feel like it's a great way for her to express herself and for us to see inside her world of what's going on."

"It's great that she's doing that," Dr. Phil says. "You've got multiple kids. Every one of them needs to feel like they've got a special relationship with Dad, a special relationship with Mom. That's what makes them feel so special." Dr. Phil recommends they each try to carve out time with each of their kids alone, so the kids know they're important too. "If they feel that, they don't ever seem to feel like they've fallen between the cracks," he says.

Dr. Phil tells them this can be a teaching tool for Olivia and Will. "Olivia and Will are learning what would happen if they got sick. They learn ‘Our family sticks together. Our mom and dad step up. We all love each other, and help and hang together.' Some parents try to wall that horror off from the other kids, which is the worst thing you can do," he says. 

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