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Parents' Biggest Fears

If you could customize your perfect child, would you? What about choosing your child’s sex, eye color, height or IQ? Plus, a deserving family with a sick child gets a house call from Dr. Phil and his wife, Robin.

A Call for Prayers



Holly explains the hardest moment for her so far.


Holly and Aaron have two other children: 4-year-old Will and 7-year-old Olivia. They share how they are coping with their sister's illness.

"Our kids are great, and they have their own way of dealing with things," Aaron says.

"Olivia knows her roommate's gone. She cried probably every day the first week, and she knows it's not good. She took it pretty emotionally," Holly says. "She drew a picture of Kate's tumor, and she said, ‘Look, Mom, it's got a suitcase. It's packing up. It's going to get out of there, Mom. It's leaving.'"

"Will, our 4-year-old, he said one night in his prayers, ‘Dear Jesus, please take Kate's tumor, throw it in the toilet and flush the toilet,'" Aaron says. "And so we thought, OK, that's how a 4-year-old deals with the disease, and we're trying to help them the best we can, but yeah, it's hard."

To help communicate with family members, Holly started a blog on CaringBridge.org. "We've got a Web site that now has 2 ½ million visits from people from all over the world," Aaron says.

"From the time we found out, I could barely talk about it. I couldn't say the words brain tumor, so I thought this is the easiest way to keep everyone posted about what's happening," Holly says. "The response to it has been unbelievable. People from all over the United States, Australia, China. We've heard from kids in an orphanage in Africa praying for her, children in Cambodia are praying for her. There are stories like that all over, and that's a huge encouragement."

Follow Holly's blog and Kate's story at CaringBridge.org.

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