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Parents' Biggest Fears

If you could customize your perfect child, would you? What about choosing your child’s sex, eye color, height or IQ? Plus, a deserving family with a sick child gets a house call from Dr. Phil and his wife, Robin.

A Call for Prayers



Holly explains how they discovered their daughter's illness.


Moved by their story, Dr. Phil and Robin make a house call to the McRae family. Dr. Phil sits down with Holly and Aaron. "In her 5-year-old mind, how is she reacting to it?" he asks.

Aaron explains, "Kate, I think, understands the seriousness that she's sick, but her mind doesn't go ahead to what if this doesn't go away? Whereas her 7-year-old sister would ask a question like, ‘Well, what if Kate's tumor doesn't get better?' Kate is more in the immediate now."

"She seems to just have a spirit that is humbling," Dr. Phil says. "What do you make of that?"

"She's a fighter," Aaron says.

"Yeah, she's very resilient," Holly says. "I think everything normal in her life changed in an instant, but she's resilient. She'll be in bed vomiting and just sick, not allowed out of her room, and the next day, she'll feel just even a little bit better, and she'll be wanting to jump on the bed, and sing and dance like it's not happening."

Holly says she caught her daughter looking in the mirror and singing the lyrics, "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?" from a popular song.

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