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Pressure for Perfection

Whether it’s in school, sports or hobbies, all parents want their children to succeed. But can a competitive spirit go too far?

Bouncing Back from Betrayal

Corey Gahan was the former national champion of teen speed skating, but his career path came to a screeching halt. When he was 13, his father routinely injected him first with Vitamin B12, then with steroids. Corey was subsequently expelled from the team because of a positive drug test, and his father, Jim, was sentenced to six years in prison without parole. 
"Did you know what your dad was doing?" Dr. Phil asks Corey.
"In the beginning, sir, I didn't. I was just a young boy. I loved in-line skating," Corey replies. "That was my goal, to become a world champion someday. My father's determination and push is what led me, like [Dominique] said, down the wrong path."
"You're old enough now to understand the gravity of what your father did. What's your reaction to it now?"
"It hurts me a lot that somebody that I loved so much would put me in a situation that could harm me physically, more than anything," Corey answers. "These hormones and these steroids, they have side effects that are very harmful."
"He told you they were vitamins, right?" Dr. Phil probes.
"He did in the beginning," Corey answers.
Dr. Phil observes that the young man started skating when he was 8. "You said he never came to your competitions until you started winning," he says.
"Yes, sir," Corey replies. "He wasn't involved. That's what was interesting. I think once he saw that he could live through me, and through my success in my sport, I think then he wanted to be involved."
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