Dr. Phil and Robin Break Big News


Eric and her sisters


Dr. Phil asks Erica, "How are you feeling?"

"I feel great," she says. "A couple of times I've told Jay, ‘I think I need to have an ultrasound so I know for sure I'm pregnant.' Honestly, I think I've been the luckiest girl on the planet to not to have any kind of issues or any morning sickness."

Erica has had to make some changes to her lifestyle to ensure the safety of her pregnancy.

"We were on the trip and we called Dr. Lisa Masterson and we're, like, ‘OK, we need a quick list of dos and don'ts,'" Jay recalls. "She's like, ‘No more tennis. No more jet skis,'" two of the activities he and Erica were looking forward to on their trip.


Dr. Phil points out that there may be a chance Erica could be pregnant with multiples, because Robin is a twin, Erica is a triplet, Dr. Phil's father had triplet siblings and Erica's grandmother is a twin. "You guys could have a litter," he jokes. "When do you find out if it's a single, or a double or a triple?"

"We are actually going to find out tomorrow on The Doctors," Jay says. Not only will Jay and Erica find out the sex of their baby, but Erica's sisters are also pregnant, and they will be on the show as well.

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