Dr. Phil and Robin Break Big News




"It's getting hard to ignore, so we thought it was time to address and confirm one of the most personal questions we get," Dr. Phil says. He and Robin invite their sons, Jay and Jordan, and daughter-in-law, Erica, to join them onstage for the announcement.

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Jay and Erica explain how they found out she was pregnant. "We were on vacation, and she's very adventurous and outgoing, and we're always going and doing, and she was really tired," Jay says. "I didn't want to get too excited because I didn't know."

Erica, who's four months along, adds, "I had an instinct, like, you just kind of know your body."

Jay and Erica were with the family in a small town in France, and finding a pregnancy test was a challenge because of the language barrier. Once they found one and confirmed Erica was pregnant, they shared the news with Dr. Phil, Robin and Jordan.

Pointing to Robin, Erica says, "This little stinker already knew."

"In my heart, I knew," Robin confirms with a smile.

Jordan, who says he's going to be the coolest uncle on the block, ordered a congratulations cake for his brother and sister-in-law that was awaiting them on their return to New York.

"We were totally in shock when we saw that," Erica says of the cake.


Dr. Phil asks Jordan, "Are you going to play with this baby?"

"Of course," he replies. "It's going to be a drummer right when it comes out."

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