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Dr. Phil and his son, Jay, discuss female bullying with victims and former tormentors. Learn the warning signs and what you can do to protect your daughter.

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Think your daughter teasing other girls is no big deal? Lindsay, 22, was once a bully herself, and now lives with regret. In Lauren and Molly's documentary, Finding Kind, she shares, "In seventh grade, I started hanging out with a different group of girls because they were making fun of everyone else. I started doing it too. I just wanted to fit in with them because I knew what it was like to not fit in. There was a girl, and she wasn't the most popular girl. One day, the girls got into a circle around her and were throwing insults at her, and I don't know why, but I specifically looked at her and said, ‘That *, why are you so ugly?' And to this day, I will never, ever forgive myself for doing that to that girl because I know exactly how she felt."

"How do you feel about the fact that you played a role in bullying someone like her?" Dr. Phil asks Lindsay, referring to Rebekah.

"It's one of the worst feelings I could ever feel," she says. "What was so hard about it for me was that in sixth grade, I was bullied. Every single thing they are saying to you was said to me. I cried every day. Every day I went home crying, and I begged my mom, ‘Don't make me go to school.' I had so much anger and frustration at everyone, at my teachers for not doing anything, at my mom for telling me it was going to get better, at the girls, at myself for not doing anything " I had so much anger. And so I found a group in seventh grade that accepted me, and they were nice to me, and no one teased me. They teased other girls, and they made fun of other girls, but they weren't teasing me."

"And so you joined in," Dr. Phil says.

"Yeah, so I joined in, and I would say these horrible, awful things that I didn't mean," Lindsay says.

Dr. Phil reiterates to Rebekah that what these other girls are saying have more to do with them than her.


As a parent, could you be contributing to your child's bullying behavior? Jay explains.
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