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New Stay-at-Home Dad



Dr. Phil meets Jeff and his 6-week-old baby son, Thomas. Jeff is a new stay-at-home dad since his radio job ended after 20 years. Jeff's wife is a schoolteacher, so she has a steady job, and he supports her by staying home with their son. "I'll tell you Dr. Phil. It's such a lifestyle change. I just need some practical help because there are a lot of groups out there that are oriented toward moms, but for us dads …" he says.

"If you got a job today, would you get childcare and do the job?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I think for now we would just let me stay at home, at least for the next half year, and take care of Thomas," he says.

"So, you're in for several months."

"I'm used to the poopy diapers," Jeff says.

Jeff wonders about whether he'll stunt his son's emotional growth because he doesn't have natural instincts like a mother would.

Jeff shares a funny story about his new lifestyle, and Dr. Phil answers his question.


Dr. Phil encourages Jeff to start his own Daddy support site if he finds there aren't enough support resources out there for stay-at-home dads. In the meantime, Dr. Phil gives him some groups in his area that he may find helpful: Focus on Fathers, Daddy UniverseCity and Poop and Boogies. 

Dr. Phil also recommends that Jeff find balance in his life as a father, which includes finding time for himself. "At six weeks, it hasn't gotten to you yet, but I can guarantee you, at six months it will. You'll start thinking, ‘My God, who am I? I lost myself totally,'" he says.