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The Reality of Motherhood

From balancing work and family to changing diapers and attending soccer games, being a mom is a challenging job. Dr. Phil has advice for women who feel overwhelmed.

The Audience Weighs In



"I have five kids, Dr. Phil, and it's just a beautiful life," says Melissa on home video. "Women who give up custody are just selfish, selfish, selfish! It's one thing if you are shooting up, doing heroin, then it's the right thing to do, to give their children to someone who is capable of taking care of them. But to give your children away for things like writing a book? They brought these kids into the world, and then they're going to leave them like yesterday's trash. Women who give up custody are self-centered, vile, repugnant!"


Dr. Phil turns to Melissa in the audience. "That's pretty strong. What else do you want to say?" he asks.


"I just can't imagine ever giving up my children. I want to be a writer, and I will take my children on that journey with me. I just don't understand how someone can sit and try to defend their position in leaving their children," she replies.


"Was there a selfish element in this?" Dr. Phil asks Maria.


"There is something about self-care and self-awareness that is a part of parenting, but I don't agree that what I did was a selfish act," she answers. "I think it was actually the opposite. It was taking what I would normally, naturally want and desire, and it was allowing what was best for my children, my ex-husband and our family as a whole."



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